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Why save water?

Why it makes sense to save water

Water on Earth is abundant – there's a mind-boggling 1.4 billion cubic kilometres, to be exact. What is more, water cannot be 'lost' as such: the total amount always remains the same. So why is it so important to use water efficiently? Five reasons are listed below:

  1. Water doesn't equal drinking water
    In order to be potable (i.e. fit for consumption) water must be transported and cleaned. After use it is again transported and treated back to drinking water standard. Hence while the amount of water doesn't change, its quality does dramatically. Potable-quality water should never be taken for granted.
  2. Drinking water requires energy
    A lot of energy goes into cleaning, transporting and heating or cooling drinking water. Thus using less automatically means using less energy as well as reducing CO2 emissions. So even if you live in a water-rich region, using drinking water efficiently is a necessity.
  3. Water is unequally distributed
    In some parts of the world there are droughts (temporary or permanent, depending on the season, the climate etc.), in others there is more than enough water. One season of less rain than usual can be enough to turn a water-rich into a water-scarce region.
  4. Due to a growing population, demand for water is on the increase
    In principle, the more people living in one place, the smaller the available amount of water per person.
  5. Demand for drinking water and on infrastructure goes up in large cities due to urbanisation
    Around the world, people move from rural into urban areas. For one, 4) applies here. For another, the population grows so rapidly in many cities that councils don't manage to build water pipes and canals at the required pace.