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How can I save water?
How can I save water?

What can I do to save water?

There are different ways to ensure you use less water every day.

How do I use water?

Analyse your behaviour regarding water. How often and for how long do you take a shower? Do you close the tap while brushing your teeth? How often do you do your laundry and do you make sure the washing machine is fully loaded? You can make a difference just by raising your awareness of your water use, and changing your behaviour accordingly, e.g. by taking shorter showers.

Water-saving products

You can also make sure you buy the most water-efficient products out there or equip your home appliances with retrofit products. Replace your old washing machine with an efficient new model that uses less water.

Neoperl also offers products that help save water in the home, at work or in school: our 'simple solutions' can easily be added to your taps and showers without having to replace them. Find out more about water-saving products by Neoperl here.

The best way to save water

Combining different measures arguably has the biggest impact: analyse your behaviour, change it for good, and use water-saving products wherever possible.