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Water Situation in the Middle East

Water is in very short supply. The United Arab Emirates is amongst the top 10 most water-scarce countries in the world. Yet it has the highest per capita water consumption at 550 litres per person per day, compared to the global average of 250 litres.
The country is experiencing a serious depletion of water resources. The total water demand in 2009 reached 4.5 billion m3 (BCM). With a recorded drop in the water table of around 1 metre per year for the past 30 years, it is estimated that the UAE will completely deplete its natural freshwater resources within 50 years.
One approach to dealing with water scarcity in this region is the construction of desalination plants. 70% of the world’s desalination plants are located in the Middle East – mainly in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain. These plants are able to produce enough drinking water for the population, but at a high cost. Desalination requires vast amounts of energy resulting in higher energy prices and raising the price of water that is produced. This process also has a high impact on the environment, predominantly affecting marine life when highly concentrated salts are dumped back into the sea.
However, there are other approaches to managing water demand and supply: the UAE is starting to take real sustainable action to conserve freshwater. One example is to implement new flow rate regulations. As shown in this table, Abu Dhabi has set new regulations for efficient water use ranging from 2.0 l/min to 9.5 l/min.
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Some areas currently in drought

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