neoperl - flow, stop and go

Washstand faucet in the bathroom*

NEOPERL® PCA aerators with an integrated flow regulator are a great solution when it comes to reducing water use. They create a beautiful, comfortable water stream at a virtually constant flow rate. "PCA" means Pressure Compensating Aerator.

For the bathroom sink, Neoperl recommends using PCA aerators with a flow rate of 1.5 gpm (approx. 5.7 l/min) or 0.5 gpm (approx. 1.9 l/min), depending on your exact requirements.

Please note: PCA aerators cannot be used with a pressureless water heater / boiler.

Public washbasin*

Public buildings often feature rows of washbasins with a single water inlet for all taps. Aerators with an integrated flow regulator help save water by only allowing the necessary amount to flow. The flow regulator also ensures that the water from the single inlet is distributed equally when several taps are open at the same time. This maintains the comfort level for users at all times.

For washbasins in public buildings we recommend the CASCADE PCA 0.5 gpm (approx. 1.9 l/min). Despite the highly efficient, water-saving flow, this aerator creates a comfortable, aerated water stream.


Kitchen faucet*

Neoperl offers a range of aerators with different features (e.g. easy lime removal) for the kitchen faucet. We recommend our PCA models with a flow rate of 1.5 gpm (approx. 5.7 l/min).

Our OEM customers can develop their own water-saving solution for kitchen faucets by using the Ecobooster engine.

*Our OEM customers can fit these products during assembly if required.