neoperl - flow, stop and go

Saving water in the shower

For the shower, Neoperl offers a range of water-saving products that can be fitted in different places: in the shower hose, the shower handle, or between shower hose and shower faucet. All these products have one thing in common: they feature the proven water-saving technology by Neoperl.

Recommending the most suitable flow rate for the shower is a complicated task. On the one hand, regional or national regulations, laws etc. have to be followed. On the other, personal preferences, the exact build of the shower faucet and other factors need to be taken into account. Very generally speaking, Neoperl recommends a flow rate of ~9.0 l/min in the shower.

PCW-01 washer regulator*

This is a smart dual-function product: a washer and a flow regulator all in one. It is fitted directly into the shower hose and replaces the common washer there.

PCW-02 washer regulator*

The PCW-02 is inserted into the shower handle's 1/2" connection, replacing the washer between shower hose and handle. Its silicone turbine adjusts to different bore diameters which ensures a secure positioning.

PCW-02 LP washer regulator*

This version of the PCW-02 washer regulator is used for low-pressure applications (between 0.2 and 4.0 bar).

PCR shower water saver*

This 1/2" brass adapter is simply screwed between shower hose and faucet and remains visible.

* Our OEM customers can fit these products during assembly if required.